UPDATE - SUNDAY 21st August 2016:

It's been a while since my last update post on here - sorry, I just don't know where the last couple of months have disappeared to! I have been keeping pretty well up to date with order dispatches, and lots of other stuff has been going on in the background, there will be some announcements on new releases soon so please keep checking back here for news.....

The Autumn shows are now getting close, starting with COLOURS (Newbury Racecourse) on the 10th of September - like last year, this show is now SATURDAY ONLY, and we will be in the same spot as last year on the FIRST FLOOR - as I booked a little bit late, I'm not sure if the official show website includes us in their traders list yet - it doesn't seem to be updated very often - but rest assured that we WILL be there. After Colours, we then have SELWG at Crystal Palace, London on SUNDAY 9th OCTOBER, and then our usual end-of-year show at WARFARE in Reading (Rivermead Leisure Centre) on the 19th and 20th of NOVEMBER. I'm hoping to be launching some new items at each show, check back here for more details!

Between now and COLOURS I have a lot of stock to make, which may mean that the mailorder turnround slips just a bit - I will still be getting all orders out as quickly as possible, but please allow a couple of extra days in some cases.

Thanks for reading, more news soon - hope to see many of our regulars at the shows, plus some new faces too!

Jon (GZG), 21st August 2016.


UPDATE - MONDAY 4th July 2016:

HAPPY 4th OF JULY to all my friends and customers in the USA - while you are celebrating, please remember that the GBP/USD exchange rate is STILL tipped very much in your favour, so as I mentioned last week it's a great time for you to order (of course, this also applies to everyone else outside the UK - Canada, Australia, and not forgetting everybody in Europe too!).


UPDATE - FRIDAY 24th June 2016:

Well, the Referendum is over and done, for better or worse - but one effect of it all is that the (hopefully temporary) drop in Sterling is a great opportunity for our overseas customers - especially those in North America - to get orders in now, before the markets stabilise again - you will, quite literally, get "more bang for your bucks"....... your order will cost you less today than it would have done yesterday!


UPDATE - FRIDAY 29th April 2016:


At long last, the six new packs of MOONGRUNT figures (a second Rifle pack, a Support Laser pack and a Rocket Launcher pack for each of the US Marines and Chinese forces) AND the two XAR (Chitters) Heavy Weapons Teams are all now uploaded to the store and available to mailorder! You can find them via the "featured new items" at the foot of this page, or by going to the relevant parts of the 15mm Stargrunt listings in the main menu at top left.

Sorry they have taken a while to be put up, I wanted to get all the mailorders back up to date before I released them.

Jon (GZG) 29th April 2016.


UPDATE - MONDAY 25th April 2016:


The ENGLISH version of the FT game box, which we were selling at SALUTE last weekend, is now up on the store - click the link in the main menu to the left!

At the moment we only have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of the sets - once these are gone there may be a bit of a delay before we have more available, so if you want one then get it now!

SALUTE went off very well, especially considering the problems of getting ready for it while still being ill.... despite feeling rough I had a great day, and since getting back I've managed to get the mailorder situation under control and almost completely up to date, so most new orders should now start going out much faster than over the last couple of months. After everything that has happened since the New Year, I'm pretty much starting 2016 again from here on, with things being back to normal!

The new figure releases we had out for SALUTE (the long-awaited Moongrunt packs and Xar heavy weapons) will go up on the store in the next few days, so watch out for them finally being available to mail-order.

More news soon, please check back here regularly for more updates!

Thanks for reading.

Jon (GZG, Monday 25th April 2016.


UPDATE - MONDAY 15th February 2016:


I'm afraid that things are still rather chaotic here at present, as my mother passed away on Friday 12th Feb, which means that the next week or more are going to be largely taken up with making all the necessary arrangements, many phone calls and form-filling.... Those of you who have been through such things yourselves will know just how much work this entails, and how many things need to be dealt with. I WILL also be doing my best to get at least some orders dispatched (short and simple ones that can be done quickly may well go out ahead of any large, complex ones, just to reduce the number of overdue ones that I have here) but please be patient if yours is delayed a while - I will get them all done eventually! Remember the voucher expiry at the end of February, and you are all welcome to get your orders placed - just please don't expect the usual very fast turnaround, at least until things are back to normal again.

Thanks to you all,

Jon (GZG), Monday 15th Feb 2016.



Please note that these two ranges of FT starships (the NI 15xx codes and K'V 4xx codes) are now suffering from significant mould wear, and in due course they will be withdrawn from sale pending the making of new moulds for them; if you wish to order any in the meantime we can still supply them for the moment, but on the understanding that some (especially the larger K'V classes) will need considerably more clean-up work (flash removal, re-opening mounting holes etc) that our normal castings. Thanks for your attention.


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