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Edited 4/1/2021

At present, all prices on the store are displayed INCLUSIVE OF UK VAT - we don't currently have the option to display the ex-VAT prices for non-UK customers, though we hope this will return as soon as we can sort it out; in the meantime, all non-UK customers (now including EU customers) please rest assured that the VAT will be deducted for you at the checkout stage, and the ex-VAT subtotal will be displayed at that point on all orders.

Once again the EU is changing the VAT rules on mail orders… from the 1st of July they are removing the “low value exemption” where mail-order goods below 22 Euros in value did not get local VAT or handling charges levied on them. From the 1st onwards, ALL mail-order packets shipped from the UK to any EU states, of whatever value, MAY get charged VAT at the recipient’s local rate, and may also have a fixed handling fee charged by the local postal services.
What this means, in real terms, is that even the smallest orders might have charges due before delivery - so for the time being, I would recommend that EU customers avoid placing very small orders - the more you order at one time, the less significant the fixed handling charges will be in relation to the order value. Of course, the actual VAT element of the charges balances out in the end, as you will still just be paying your own country’s local rate rather than paying the UK rate at the time of ordering - you will NOT be charged VAT twice over!

There are systems being introduced that may allow us to work around this problem, and I’m currently looking into those - as soon as I can provide any further information, I will post it here.

Jon (GZG),  Tuesday 29th June 2021.



This won’t really affect very much, as (like most of us) I very seldom get any communications sent by normal post anymore - but please note that if you DO need to send anything to GZG by mail, I have now DISCONTINUED the use of the PO BOX address - mainly because I was paying Royal Mail a lot for a service that received less than a dozen letters a year…
With immediate effect, any items sent by post should be addressed to:

Please note that this address should be used for POSTAL CORRESPONDENCE ONLY, it is a private house address and NOT a business unit or retail premises.


First, can I please say a VERY big thank-you to all my customers, regular and new, who have kept ordering throughout this year despite the lack of any new releases for a long while - your orders have kept things going for me through some difficult months, for which I’m extremely grateful.
2021 has been a complicated and challenging year for me in many ways, with a number of family and health related problems to deal with - nothing that is especially serious or life-changing, thankfully, but enough to make me have to re-think how I operate some aspects of GZG; the biggest change is that I’ve realised that, for the moment at least, I’m not able to keep up with the demands of attending the shows, hence having to cancel my attendance at SELWG, SALUTE and WARFARE for this year.  While I can still comfortably deal with the production of castings to fulfil mail-orders, right now I simply can’t handle the vast amount of stock production required before a show, added to the pressures of maintaining and updating all the stand displays and other materials, plus of course the physical stresses of loading, unloading, long drives etc etc. So, rather than pushing myself until something breaks, I took the decision to drop the shows for this year.

I’m not sure at the moment what will happen in 2022 - if things go well then I might be able to think about returning to the show circuit in some capacity, or I may just continue to rely 100% on mail-order - but whatever happens, I’ll keep you all posted.
I will miss doing the shows A LOT, and particularly miss seeing and chatting to all my regular customers and friends on both sides of the tables - although I might actually be able to attend a few as just a regular punter and really get to see and enjoy everything without the stress, for the first time in thirty-odd years!

So, having got all that off my chest - what’s the good news? Well, of course all the mail-order side of things (which has always accounted for 90% of the business anyway) will continue exactly as normal, and I should very soon be able to get back to some new releases on a regular basis - there are a LOT of new items either ready or almost ready to go, and they will start coming out in time for the usual Christmas Offers which I will be announcing soon.




In July 2020 the postal costs for certain sizes of items sent to the US suddenly increased enormously, and I had to instigate new shipping charge rates for all US orders to ensure that the costs were covered; since then I have got a better feel for the way the new cost structure works, and MOST smaller orders can be shipped by the cheaper “Large Letter” rates as long as they are below 750g. Wherever possible, I am using parcel courier services (FedEx or others) for any larger orders.

If you are a US customer, when you place a smallish order the shipping charge added by the store may look excessive at first - but this is only to ensure that all eventualities are covered; in the vast majority of cases I will be able to REFUND a significant part of the charge after completion of the order, so that the final amount you pay will be much more reasonable; the very few exceptions will be orders which are very heavy for their value, for example an order containing nothing but 15mm vehicles or larger Starships with no smaller items to balance the cost-to-weight ratio.
Larger orders (usually those of around 50-60 GBP value and above) will usually be shipped by parcel courier rather than via the postal services.

So, please don't panic about the initial size of the shipping cost on smaller US orders, you will almost always get part of it refunded; feel free to email me (Jon) and ask for further information.

If you’re not in the USA, then none of the changes affect you - shipping to all other destinations (including Canada) is currently unchanged.


As the Brexit Transition Period has now ended and the UK has left the Customs Union with the EU, we will now be DEDUCTING THE VAT from all EU orders in the same way as we do for customers in the USA and elsewhere in the world. EU packages may have local VAT charged on them by the postal services when they arrive in the destination country, which may need to be paid before the item is delivered. Thanks to the last-minute Trade Deal agreed between the UK and the EU, there should NOT be any Customs Duties to pay on any packages, but individual postal services may charge their own admin fees on top of the VAT amount charged.


Site News

AVAILABLE NOW: TWENTY-FOUR NEW PACKS of 15mm MAWPs, Drones, Bots and Remotes!

Now up on the store and ready to order: new 3D-mastered versions of many of our most popular robotic, autonomous and remotely-piloted combat elements - the best-selling SPIDER DRONES, the quadruped Walker Drones, the MAWPs (Mobile Autonomous Weapons Platforms) in Hover, Tracked and Wheeled versions, and the four-wheeled gun and missile drones; PLUS all-new designs, the tracked gun and missile drones and the first packs of the HEAVY SPIDER DRONES (with more legs than the smaller types, so they actually fit their name!)…

All these new and redesigned items have been superbly 3D-mastered by MMG, taking the design and style of the old original minis and re-working them with greatly enhanced and improved fineness and detail.

To avoid any confusion, where the original minis have been re-designed the old versions have now been withdrawn from the store - but they are still available on request as special order items, please contact me by email if you require some to complete older forces.

You can find all twenty-four of the new packs in the “15mm Stargrunt/Vehicles/Remotes, Drones and Bots" section HERE, or by clicking on the individual new item pics below.

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