Product Safety Notice


The items on this site are NOT TOYS, they are detailed miniatures designed for mature collectors, gamers and modellers. Our white metal products are not suitable for children aged under 14 years, or for unsupervised use by anyone who cannot be trusted to handle them responsibly.

Most of our products are cast in a high quality WHITE METAL, which is an alloy of lead and tin plus small amounts of other metals. Items containing LEAD can be dangerous if chewed or swallowed. Items may also have small parts and/or sharp points or edges, which can injure if handled incorrectly. Do not smoke, eat or drink when working with unpainted metal castings, and ensure that you always wash your hands thoroughly after handling unpainted models and parts. Suitable eye protection is strongly advised when cleaning up and assembling models and figures. All use and safety instructions should be read and followed when using any modelling paints, glues, sprays and tools to work on our products.