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NEW ISRAELI (NI) New-sculpt Heavy Assault Infantry - Rifles pack A (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)
Now available: the first two packs of NEW-SCULPT New Israeli Heavy Assault Infantry! These are all-new figures, still in a similar style to the older NI Hardsuit Infantry (packs Z06, Z07 etc) but with greatly improved posing, detail and most importantly just a little bit larger; the original Zxx code figures were quite early releases in the SG15 range, and were always a tiny bit short in comparison with some of our other 15mm lines - only by about 1mm or so, but enough for some people to comment on - so with the start of this new redesign we’ve taken the opportunity to rectify that and bring the range up to the level (quite literally in this case) of our more recent sculpts, not only in height but also in fine detail. The overall design style of the figures is still very much in keeping with the older versions, however, and it is perfectly possible for those of you who already have units of the earlier designs to incorporate the new releases into your force as Heavy Infantry in Assault Hardsuits.
These new figures are also the first 15mm troops we have produced where the actual infantry personal weapons - and not just the heavy support weapons packs - have been cast from 3D designs, though the actual figures themselves are still traditionally (and superbly) sculpted to ensure that they retain all the style and character of our other 15mm forces.
The initial sample release comprises two different packs of riflemen; the rest of the range (SAWs, support weapons, Command, heavy weapons teams and so on) will follow soon.

Product Code: SG15-Z31


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