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At present, all prices on the store are displayed INCLUSIVE OF VAT - we don't currently have the option to display the ex-VAT prices for non-EU customers, though we hope this will return as soon as we can sort it out; in the meantime, all non-EU customers please rest assured that the VAT will be deducted for you at the checkout stage, and the ex-VAT subtotal will be displayed at that point on all orders.


Some IMPORTANT NEWS on the FULL THRUST ranges: for a while now I’ve been planning some major upgrades to the FIGHTER miniatures in several of the major FT fleets - I will be replacing many of the current fighter packs with all-new designs, using the latest 3D-printed masters in the same style as the recent new Kra’Vak minis. I will be announcing the availability of the new fighter designs in due course, any orders placed UNTIL I announce the new versions will be filled with the current minis.

When the new-design types are in full production I will be removing the old versions from the store to avoid confusion, though they WILL remain available as special-order requests (time permitting) for anyone who wants to complete existing forces of them.


With a further apology for the slight delay (as explained in my last news post), I’m happy to announce that all the New Year Discount Vouchers that were sent out as part of the Christmas Offers are NOW “LIVE” and have been activated on the store, so those of you who have them can now start to use them. If anyone has not yet received their pre-Christmas order due to postal delays, but wants to use their voucher code immediately, drop me an email and I can give you your code that way.

Many of you will know what to do from previous years, but for anyone who has received one for the first time here are a few notes on redeeming the vouchers:
Your voucher will have a unique hand-written code on it, with seven characters in the form of three digits, two letters and a further two digits. At the “View Basket” step, after you’ve selected everything you want to order, you need to enter your voucher code in the box that says “Promotional code or gift card”, and then click the “Apply” button. You should then see your order with the relevant discount % deducted from the price of the goods. It is important that you enter your code with NO SPACES, and with the two letters in UPPER CASE. Please also make sure that you don’t confuse the upper-case letters O and I with the digits 0 and 1.

Please note that the store will only permit ONE use of a given voucher code - and it will consider the code “used” even if you don’t then continue to complete and pay for the order; therefore please make sure that you have got your order correct and complete before using your discount code - if you do find you’ve made an error or if something goes wrong in the checkout process, then please email me (Jon) directly and I will be able to re-set your code for a second attempt. If you have followed all the steps but the discount does not appear to be correctly deducted from the order total, please email me BEFORE you complete and pay for the order.

Finally, please remember the expiry date of the vouchers - 2400 hours (Midnight) on the 31st January, by UK TIME, so once again please watch out for the time difference - or better still, get your order in a few days before the deadline….!
As always I will do my very best to keep up with order dispatches, but if things start to get very busy then please allow a few extra days.

Thanks for reading all this, and I hope that 2020 is treating you well so far!
Jon (GZG), 5th Jan 2020.




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All Voucher Codes are now active, please see notes above on how to redeem your discount code!



...and a very important update on the NEW YEAR DISCOUNT VOUCHERS…
First, I’d like to wish all customers and friends a very happy, safe, healthy and prosperous New Year (and New Decade, of course, with apologies to those of you who believe that is a year too early….) - I hope that 2020 proves to be good for us all!
Now, an important bit about the New Year Discount Vouchers that were sent out as part of the Christmas Offers: my original intent, as noted on the vouchers themselves, was that they would all go “live” at the start of January; as things have turned out, some of the things that I intended to get done between Christmas and New Year have not happened, and I need a few more days to get some stuff finished before I start getting a big pile of orders building up again - so I will NOT be activating the voucher codes now until after the coming weekend - probably around the 6th or 7th January. Apologies to anyone who was poised over their keyboard to bung their order in immediately, I hope the short extra wait won’t be too upsetting - and for everyone else, it just gives you a few more days to work out what you want to get!
Please check back here on Sunday or Monday for more info, and full details of exactly how to redeem the voucher codes.

All the very best to everyone,
Jon (GZG), 31st Dec 2019.

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