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At present, all prices on the store are displayed INCLUSIVE OF VAT - we don't currently have the option to display the ex-VAT prices for non-EU customers, though we hope this will return as soon as we can sort it out; in the meantime, all non-EU customers please rest assured that the VAT will be deducted for you at the checkout stage, and the ex-VAT subtotal will be displayed at that point on all orders.


Some IMPORTANT NEWS on the FULL THRUST ranges: for a while now I’ve been planning some major upgrades to the FIGHTER miniatures in several of the major FT fleets - I will be replacing many of the current fighter packs with all-new designs, using the latest 3D-printed masters in the same style as the recent new Kra’Vak minis. I will be announcing the availability of the new fighter designs in due course, any orders placed UNTIL I announce the new versions will be filled with the current minis.

When the new-design types are in full production I will be removing the old versions from the store to avoid confusion, though they WILL remain available as special-order requests (time permitting) for anyone who wants to complete existing forces of them.



In the current virus-lockdown situation I’m trying to carry on as close to normal as possible - as I work on my own anyway, very little has changed in real terms. At present the Post Offices are still open and the delivery networks are still running OK, which means that I can still dispatch orders and you should still receive them as normal - the only real difference is that some may take a day or two longer for me to dispatch, because I will be limiting my number of trips out to the Post Office to maybe a couple of times a week (combined with shopping for food and essential supplies) rather than mailing things every day as I normally do. Larger orders, which I now often ship via FedEx or similar carriers anyway, will still be collected from me on a regular basis.
So, at least for the present I can still get your new shinies to you - and you KNOW that you need them - and as long as folks continue to order then I should be able to continue dispatching, giving you lots of lovely stuff to build and paint while you are stuck indoors, getting your armies and fleets ready for the day (hopefully soon) when we can all start meeting face to face again and actually playing games!
But, like all self-employed and small traders at this difficult time, of course I DO NEED YOUR ORDERS to get through this… the loss of SALUTE will leave quite a big hole in my expected sales, and to help with that I will be running a number of different limited-time sales and special offers over the coming weeks, focussing on a different part of my range each time; the first of these will be announced in the next day or so, please check back here shortly for full details.

Thanks for reading, keep safe and well, and hope to see you all on the other side of the crisis…..

Jon (GZG), Weds 25th March 2020.



The first “Lockdown Special Offer” is now on: “15% off the 15s!”

Over the next few weeks of the current crisis, I’m going to be running a number of different Special Offers on different parts of the GZG range: the first one is NOW LIVE, and is a 15% DISCOUNT off all of the 15mm Ranges - anything with an SG15, MG15 or V15 prefix has the discount deducted from the retail price. No special codes to enter, the discount will automatically be applied to all applicable items.
This offer will run for at least one week, possibly a bit longer (I’ll give you all a couple of days’ notice before it ends) - then after that I will do an offer on another part of the range, most likely the FT lines. This is all a bit ad-hoc and subject to variation if the situation changes - please remember that orders may take a few days longer than normal to dispatch as I won’t be sending stuff out every day, in order to minimise trips out to the Post Office.




DISCOUNT on 15mm FINISHES Midnight on Sunday 5th!
The first part of the “Lockdown Specials”, on the 15mm ranges, will END on SUNDAY EVENING, the 5th APRIL, at 12:00 midnight BY UK TIME (please check the time difference if you’re outside the UK!) - many thanks to all those of you who have already placed your orders, if you still want to get in on the offer then you have three days left…
After the first offer is closed, I will take a few days to catch up with dispatching all the orders before I start the second phase of the offer - which will be on the FT Starships ranges - probably round about the following (Easter) weekend; please keep checking further updates here for more details!

I hope that you are all keeping well and safe, things are still OK here and I have very much appreciated all the good wishes that have been sent with many of the orders, and in emails.

A couple of local Post Offices have been temporarily closed or put onto reduced hours due to staffing problems in the crisis, but others are still open as normal and I am still able to dispatch goods, though as mentioned previously I am trying to keep my posting trips down to once or twice a week - thanks for your understanding and patience if some orders take a few more days under the circumstances.



It’s just after Midnight, so the discount offer of the 15mm ranges is now CLOSED - please check back tomorrow for a further update and some news of the second part of the Lockdown Specials, coming soon…
Jon (GZG).


Site News

Just a couple of new packs at the moment, to expand the popular range of Mercenary/Generic troops: two packs (one of Male troops, one of Female) of rifle-armed figures in simple fabric battledress with eye protection and basic open-face helmets (in a different style to the other helmeted Merc figures, hence the “type B” description - this one is a little bit “Eastern Bloc” in appearance).
As with all of the Merc/Generic figure range, these packs can be used for any sort of low to mid tech group, either on their own as a new force or else mixed with any of the other SG15-Mxx code figures to give a varied and “irregular” feel to your units.
These rifle packs will be supplemented in due course with the usual selection of SAWs, support weapons, Command and such.

SG15-M31 Merc/Generic Rifles (Male troopers) in Type B combat helmets; 8 figures (2 each of 4 poses) in combat fatigues and open-face helmets, with low/mid tech assault rifles
SG15-M32 Merc/Generic Rifles (Female troopers) in Type B combat helmets; 8 figures (2 each of 4 poses) in combat fatigues and open-face helmets, with low/mid tech assault rifles

You can find these packs via the “Latest Products” pics below, or directly here. At the moment they are available at 15% off regular prices as part of the “Lockdown Special Offer”, as explained above! (UPDATE: the 15mm Special Offer ends at midnight on the 5th April, see full details in the latest update above!)

Keep safe, keep healthy, keep painting!
Jon (GZG), 28th March 2020.

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