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V15-132A Light truck (4 wheel) - Light Armoured Hardtop version with strengthened suspension (larger tyres for extra load); basic version with roof hatch cover.


For the lower-tech and colonial armies, some ideal vehicles for Light Support, Troop Transport, Convoy Escort duties and such: variants on our recent Jeep and Light Truck releases, but with full hardtops with added armour panels, and a rooftop ring-mount that can have either a simple hatch cover or various weapon mounts including manned light turrets for support weapons, Guided Missile Systems and such. These up-armoured light vehicles have slightly larger wheels and tyres than their unarmoured counterparts, to better support their increased weight.

This manned turret option kit comes with one light-armoured turret and gunner figure, plus FOUR different gun options (two types of autocannon, tribarrel and auto grenade launcher) included, as shown in some of the pictures. The weapon mount and gunner may also be assembled WITHOUT the turret armour and/or gunshield, if desired.


Kit assembly tips: the armoured rear door casting should be glued into the hard-top shell BEFORE fitting the top to the body; the hard-top will be a very snug fit into the body, particularly where the lower parts of the doors extend, and after cleaning the parts up (and fitting the rear door) the best method of fitting it is to place the hard-top upside down on the edge of your workbench (so as to protect the lamps above the cab), positioning the body casting over it and giving it a sharp tap with (ideally) a plastic hammer or a heavy screwdriver handle - if using a metal hammer instead, then the use of a thin piece of wood or sheet plastic is recommended to protect the body casting while doing this. After the hard-top is firmly in place then a small bead of glue may be run round the joint to fully secure it - though the fit is sufficiently tight that this may not really be necessary!

Product Code: V15-132B


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