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AVAILABLE NOW: TWENTY-FOUR NEW PACKS of 15mm MAWPs, Drones, Bots and Remotes!

Now up on the store and ready to order: new 3D-mastered versions of many of our most popular robotic, autonomous and remotely-piloted combat elements - the best-selling SPIDER DRONES, the quadruped Walker Drones, the MAWPs (Mobile Autonomous Weapons Platforms) in Hover, Tracked and Wheeled versions, and the four-wheeled gun and missile drones; PLUS all-new designs, the tracked gun and missile drones and the first packs of the HEAVY SPIDER DRONES (with more legs than the smaller types, so they actually fit their name!)…

All these new and redesigned items have been superbly 3D-mastered by MMG, taking the design and style of the old original minis and re-working them with greatly enhanced and improved fineness and detail.

To avoid any confusion, where the original minis have been re-designed the old versions have now been withdrawn from the store - but they are still available on request as special order items, please contact me by email if you require some to complete older forces.

You can find all twenty-four of the new packs in the “15mm Stargrunt/Vehicles/Remotes, Drones and Bots" section HERE, or by clicking on the individual new item pics below.

LATEST NEW RELEASES 26th JANUARY 2021: - 26/01/21

AVAILABLE NOW: TEN MORE NEW PACKS of 15mm SG figures: six packs of Merc/Generic Command, Comms and Weapons Crew, with versions in BERETS and in FIELD CAPS, plus the first FOUR packs of an all-new range of DESERT TRIBAL IRREGULARS, ideal for insurgent forces and rebel groups. The fighters are in assorted styles of traditional loose civilian clothing suited to desert environments, with a wide variety of headgear - shemagh style scarves, turbans, soft caps etc, some with face protection and goggles/visors. There are THREE different packs of riflemen (giving a total of twelve different figure variants) plus a pack of SAW/LMGs and RPG gunners, so you can get a great degree of variety into your units.
You can find the Desert Irregulars in their own new section HERE, or by clicking on the individual new item pics below.
The Merc/Generic Command and Crews are all in the Mercs section HERE, or again in the featured new items below.


AVAILABLE NOW: TWENTY-THREE DIFFERENT NEW PACKS of 15mm SG figures, including TEN packs of Colonial Militia (LMGs, squad support weapons, Command, artillery crew plus FIVE different types of Medium and Heavy support weapon teams!), SIX packs of Mercs/Generics in BERETS, five more packs of Mercs/Generics in the open-faced Type 2 helmets, and the first two packs of Mercs/Generics in Field caps!

The Colonial Militia packs (SG15-Cxx codes) add to the two initial Rifle-armed packs from the last release batch (SG15-C41 and C42) - you can find them all in the Colonial Militia listings HERE, or by clicking on the individual new item pics below.

The Mercs/Generics (SG15-Mxx codes) are a further expansion of this very popular range, offering a wide variety of different infantry and support packs in various types of headgear - you can either use each type as a separate force, or mix-and-match from them all to create units with an individualised and “irregular” look to them. Again, click on each New Item featured below OR go straight to the complete range HERE.


LATEST RELEASES 14th AUGUST 2020! - 14/08/2020


SIX more packs of the NEW ISRAELI (NI) REGULAR ARMY troops, following on from the first five packs released a couple of weeks ago; this new batch completes all the essential elements of the NI Army force, with Command, Comms, Special Weapons and three more packs of Heavy Support Weapons.

SG15-Z64     NI Regular Army Infantry - Squad Special Weapons - Sniper Rifles and Grenade Launchers (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-Z66     NI Regular Army Infantry - Leaders and Command, with pistols and carbines (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-Z67     NI Regular Army Infantry - Comms and Observers, with datapads and sensor binocs (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-Z69     NI Regular Army Infantry - Plasma Cannon Heavy Weapons Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and extra ammo cans)

SG15-Z70     NI Regular Army Infantry - Rail Mortar Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and extra ammo cases)

SG15-Z71     NI Regular Army Infantry - Heavy Missile System Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and missile reload canisters)


All packs AVAILABLE NOW, all priced at £3.00 inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT)


Also, we have the first two pack releases of the new-sculpt COLONIAL MILITIA figures:

These are ALL-NEW SCULPTS that replace and expand on our original SG15-C01 and C05 packs (please note that while it is possible to mix figures from the two old packs with the new range for extra variety, the old ones will look a little bit short and/or “chunky” compared with the new versions - but then again, these are supposed to be armed civilian militia so maybe a bit more variation of height and build is acceptable in this case…?).
The Colonial Militia are the civilian/reservist support troops for the better-equipped Colonial Defence Forces (CDF, packs SG15-C10 onwards); the Militia are equipped as very basic light infantry, in fatigue trousers and shirts with rolled-up sleeves, with simple light webbing for a few pouches of ammo and supplies. They are wearing soft field caps, and carry weaponry from the same design family as the CDF - though their primary infantry small arm is the short assault carbine rather than the larger standard CDF battle rifle.


AVAILABLE NOW, all priced at £3.00 inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT)

SG15-C41    Colonial Militia with assault carbines - Male troopers (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-C42    Colonial Militia with assault carbines - Female troopers (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

26th July 2020: LATEST NEW RELEASES! - 26/07/2020

It's been a while since the last few new releases (almost four months in fact!), and I had hoped to have these available a few weeks ago, but Real Life(tm) stuff has kept getting in the way... but, at long last, here's the first group, up on the store and AVAILABLE NOW!

Five packs of NEW ISRAELI REGULAR ARMY troopers:
While the NI's Hardsuited Assault Troops (the recently-released packs SG15-Z31 onwards) are the spearhead shock element of the New Israeli forces, the more lightly equipped Regular Army provides the bulk of the "line grunts" of the NI ground troops.
The NI Army troopers wear partial plate body armour over padded ballistic battledress, advanced combat helmets with full integrated commo and HUD, and carry the same weapons "family" as the Assault Troops, the major difference being that the Army uses the lighter carbine version of the standard NI Gauss Rifle.

Available NOW: all packs are £3.00 inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT)
SG15-Z61     NI Regular Army Infantry - Gauss Carbines pack A (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)
SG15-Z62     NI Regular Army Infantry - Gauss Carbines pack B (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)
SG15-Z63     NI Regular Army Infantry - Gauss SAW gunners (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)
SG15-Z65     NI Regular Army Infantry - Anti-Armour Special Weapons - Heavy Railgunners and SHVAM missile gunners (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)
SG15-Z68     NI Regular Army Infantry - VRF Gauss MG Heavy Weapons Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and extra ammo cans)

28th MARCH 2020: NEW RELEASES! - 28/03/2020

Just a couple of new packs at the moment, to expand the popular range of Mercenary/Generic troops: two packs (one of Male troops, one of Female) of rifle-armed figures in simple fabric battledress with eye protection and basic open-face helmets (in a different style to the other helmeted Merc figures, hence the “type B” description - this one is a little bit “Eastern Bloc” in appearance).
As with all of the Merc/Generic figure range, these packs can be used for any sort of low to mid tech group, either on their own as a new force or else mixed with any of the other SG15-Mxx code figures to give a varied and “irregular” feel to your units.
These rifle packs will be supplemented in due course with the usual selection of SAWs, support weapons, Command and such.

SG15-M31 Merc/Generic Rifles (Male troopers) in Type B combat helmets; 8 figures (2 each of 4 poses) in combat fatigues and open-face helmets, with low/mid tech assault rifles
SG15-M32 Merc/Generic Rifles (Female troopers) in Type B combat helmets; 8 figures (2 each of 4 poses) in combat fatigues and open-face helmets, with low/mid tech assault rifles

You can find these packs via the “Latest Products” pics below, or directly here.

Keep safe, keep healthy, keep painting!
Jon (GZG), 28th March 2020.

News Update 16th March 2020 - post-Hammerhead… - 16/03/2020

ADDITIONAL UPDATE 18/3/20: Further to last new post below, please note that we have now been officially informed that SALUTE 2020 is CANCELLED (along with pretty much everything else of course).... please check back here soon for more information and news.

Keep safe and well...

Jon (GZG) Weds 18/3/20.


Well, the Hammerhead show went off surprisingly well at the weekend - the event escaped virus-induced cancellation and although the turnout of people was down a bit, sales and takings held up well under the circumstances. Thanks to all those who turned up and bought stuff from us!

I will now be starting to prepare for SALUTE (18th April) on the assumption (as currently advised by the show organisers) that it will still be going ahead, though of course that may change depending on how the situation goes - as soon as I have any further firm information I will post updates here. Please click on this link to check the latest news directly on the SALUTE website.

I have a fairly large pile of mail orders that I wasn’t able to get processed before Hammerhead, which I will be making a start on as soon as I have everything unloaded from the van and back into the workshop; hopefully I can get most of them clear this week, and if you’ve placed an order over the last ten days or so then thank you for your patience. I hope that once the backlog is cleared I will be able to get back to the usual fast turnaround for orders, so that whatever happens with the shows this year you will still be able to get your shiny stuff by mail - and if you are stuck at home “self-isolating”, what better time to catch up on some painting and modelling…?

Please check back here regularly for further updates as the situation develops; hoping that you and your friends and families all stay safe and well!

Jon (GZG), 16th March 2020


As things stand at this moment (the afternoon of the 11th), the Hammerhead show is definitely STILL ON, and we will be heading off up the A1 on Friday morning ready to set up for Saturday's show - so hopefully if you were planning to come along, we will still see you there!


Further to the earlier news post below, as of now (the morning of 2nd March) I have got ALL mailorders up to date and dispatched, so there is nothing outstanding; I’m going to be away for a few days at the end of this week and the beginning of next, so I have only a few working days left to complete all the stock for HAMMERHEAD on the following weekend.


It has been a busy month since the last news post, with most of February being taken up with getting orders out and now re-filling all the stock ready for the start of the show season!

The first show of 2020, HAMMERHEAD at Newark Show Ground is now only just over a couple of weeks away, on Saturday the 14th March, and we will be there with as much stock as I can fit into the van. It is a particularly good show with an excellent mix of games and traders at a great venue, so if you can make it along it will be very worthwhile and an excellent day out.
It is also the furthest North that we get for a show these days, now that Sheffield Triples is no more, so this is the one chance for our more Northerly customers to get to see us without travelling all the way down to London.
Just a reminder (and as info to anyone who hasn’t seen us at a show before) that I mainly bring the 15mm ranges (SG15, MG15 and V15 codes) and the major lines of FT starships to the shows - I do NOT bring any stocks of the 6mm, 25mm and 2mm ranges, or some of the “minor” FT fleets, as I simply don’t have space on the trade stand to display them or room in the van to carry the stock!
Between now and the show, I will be doing my best to keep up with mail order dispatches while I’m  doing all the stock production, but please bear in mind that this inevitably means that some orders WILL take longer than normal to process - I can’t promise the sort of next-day turnaround that I try to keep to in the less busy times; orders for items that I’m not making as show stock (as mentioned above, the 6mm, 25mm, 2mm and some parts of the FT ranges) will take significantly longer as I have to cast all those items to order, and therefore have to fit them in to my stock casting schedule as and when I can. Particularly, there has been a small surge of 6mm orders in the last few days which I will have to make the time to do, so if you’ve placed an order like that in the last week then please bear with me, I will get to it as fast as I can.
Thanks for reading, more news soon and I hope to see plenty of familiar and new faces at Newark in a couple of weeks!
Jon (GZG), 26th Feb 2020.

ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT before the NEW YEAR VOUCHERS expire…. - 25/1/2020

Thanks to all those of you who have already spent your New Year Discount vouchers - but for those of you waiting till the last minute, it is fast approaching!
Any unused vouchers expire strictly at midnight on Friday 31st January, BY UK TIME, so please remember the time difference of between 5 and 8 hours if you’re in, say, North America….
If for some reason you’ve still not received an order placed before Christmas that should contain a voucher (they all went out in good time, but there are always one or two that get held up somewhere in the postal system), but you want to get another order in before the 31st, please email me as soon as possible and I can give you your voucher code - the same goes for anyone who might have lost or misplaced their voucher!
IMPORTANT NOTE: in the coming week, I will be AWAY over the 30th and 31st, and will not have access to my email during that time - thus I will NOT be able to respond to any last-minute problems with redeeming voucher codes; if at all possible, PLEASE place your orders by the 29th if you can - that way I will be able to help you if you run into any problems.
Thanks for reading!
Jon (GZG), 25th Jan 2020.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, plus update on the NEW YEAR DISCOUNT VOUCHERS… - 31.12.2019


All Voucher Codes are now active, please see notes above on how to redeem your discount code!



...and a very important update on the NEW YEAR DISCOUNT VOUCHERS…
First, I’d like to wish all customers and friends a very happy, safe, healthy and prosperous New Year (and New Decade, of course, with apologies to those of you who believe that is a year too early….) - I hope that 2020 proves to be good for us all!
Now, an important bit about the New Year Discount Vouchers that were sent out as part of the Christmas Offers: my original intent, as noted on the vouchers themselves, was that they would all go “live” at the start of January; as things have turned out, some of the things that I intended to get done between Christmas and New Year have not happened, and I need a few more days to get some stuff finished before I start getting a big pile of orders building up again - so I will NOT be activating the voucher codes now until after the coming weekend - probably around the 6th or 7th January. Apologies to anyone who was poised over their keyboard to bung their order in immediately, I hope the short extra wait won’t be too upsetting - and for everyone else, it just gives you a few more days to work out what you want to get!
Please check back here on Sunday or Monday for more info, and full details of exactly how to redeem the voucher codes.

All the very best to everyone,
Jon (GZG), 31st Dec 2019.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - 27/12/2019

Well, Christmas is now over (and I hope everybody had a good one?), we are now CLOSED until just after New Year - everything will re-open on the 2nd of January 2020.
The webstore is still currently “open” and will accept orders, but I won’t be processing or dispatching anything more now until after the 2nd.

On or around New Year’s Day I will be activating all the discount vouchers that were sent out in the pre-Christmas offers, and I will be posting the instructions here as to how to redeem your voucher codes - so please check back here in a few days for full details.

Wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Jon (GZG),  27th Dec 2019.



UPDATE 23rd/24th Dec: it has just gone Midnight (here in the UK), so Happy Christmas Eve to everyone, and the Christmas Offers are now OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

Thanks to all of you who got your orders in before the closing time, and wishing you all the very best for a great Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy 2020!


The 2019/2020 CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR OFFERS are now running, full details above - please note the qualifying order value for this year (all orders of 40.00 GBP or over) and the different value levels of New Year Vouchers that I will be sending out.

Further update (4/12) - I've just got all of the latest batch of NEW RELEASES uploaded to the store, you can find them all listed in the LATEST ITEMS section below - we have various releases in the Merc/Generic ranges, including Command/Comms figures and Heavy Weapons crews, Pintle-mount support weapons and gunners ideal for building "Technicals" and Gun Trucks, medium and heavy support weapons including new designs of HMGs, autocannons, missiles, mortars etc, plus some lovely all-new Light Field Weapons (anti-tank guns, light field guns and MRLs) on various different carriage options! Last but not least, two versions (wheeled and tracked) of a very "different" useful little vehicle  - the three-wheeled (or three-treaded) TRI-CARRIER, ideal as a transport vehicle or gun tractor for lower tech forces....

Thanks for reading!

Jon (GZG), 2nd Dec 2019 (updated 21st Dec).