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ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT before the NEW YEAR VOUCHERS expire…. - 25/1/2020

Thanks to all those of you who have already spent your New Year Discount vouchers - but for those of you waiting till the last minute, it is fast approaching!
Any unused vouchers expire strictly at midnight on Friday 31st January, BY UK TIME, so please remember the time difference of between 5 and 8 hours if you’re in, say, North America….
If for some reason you’ve still not received an order placed before Christmas that should contain a voucher (they all went out in good time, but there are always one or two that get held up somewhere in the postal system), but you want to get another order in before the 31st, please email me as soon as possible and I can give you your voucher code - the same goes for anyone who might have lost or misplaced their voucher!
IMPORTANT NOTE: in the coming week, I will be AWAY over the 30th and 31st, and will not have access to my email during that time - thus I will NOT be able to respond to any last-minute problems with redeeming voucher codes; if at all possible, PLEASE place your orders by the 29th if you can - that way I will be able to help you if you run into any problems.
Thanks for reading!
Jon (GZG), 25th Jan 2020.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, plus update on the NEW YEAR DISCOUNT VOUCHERS… - 31.12.2019


All Voucher Codes are now active, please see notes above on how to redeem your discount code!



...and a very important update on the NEW YEAR DISCOUNT VOUCHERS…
First, I’d like to wish all customers and friends a very happy, safe, healthy and prosperous New Year (and New Decade, of course, with apologies to those of you who believe that is a year too early….) - I hope that 2020 proves to be good for us all!
Now, an important bit about the New Year Discount Vouchers that were sent out as part of the Christmas Offers: my original intent, as noted on the vouchers themselves, was that they would all go “live” at the start of January; as things have turned out, some of the things that I intended to get done between Christmas and New Year have not happened, and I need a few more days to get some stuff finished before I start getting a big pile of orders building up again - so I will NOT be activating the voucher codes now until after the coming weekend - probably around the 6th or 7th January. Apologies to anyone who was poised over their keyboard to bung their order in immediately, I hope the short extra wait won’t be too upsetting - and for everyone else, it just gives you a few more days to work out what you want to get!
Please check back here on Sunday or Monday for more info, and full details of exactly how to redeem the voucher codes.

All the very best to everyone,
Jon (GZG), 31st Dec 2019.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - 27/12/2019

Well, Christmas is now over (and I hope everybody had a good one?), we are now CLOSED until just after New Year - everything will re-open on the 2nd of January 2020.
The webstore is still currently “open” and will accept orders, but I won’t be processing or dispatching anything more now until after the 2nd.

On or around New Year’s Day I will be activating all the discount vouchers that were sent out in the pre-Christmas offers, and I will be posting the instructions here as to how to redeem your voucher codes - so please check back here in a few days for full details.

Wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Jon (GZG),  27th Dec 2019.



UPDATE 23rd/24th Dec: it has just gone Midnight (here in the UK), so Happy Christmas Eve to everyone, and the Christmas Offers are now OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

Thanks to all of you who got your orders in before the closing time, and wishing you all the very best for a great Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy 2020!


The 2019/2020 CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR OFFERS are now running, full details above - please note the qualifying order value for this year (all orders of 40.00 GBP or over) and the different value levels of New Year Vouchers that I will be sending out.

Further update (4/12) - I've just got all of the latest batch of NEW RELEASES uploaded to the store, you can find them all listed in the LATEST ITEMS section below - we have various releases in the Merc/Generic ranges, including Command/Comms figures and Heavy Weapons crews, Pintle-mount support weapons and gunners ideal for building "Technicals" and Gun Trucks, medium and heavy support weapons including new designs of HMGs, autocannons, missiles, mortars etc, plus some lovely all-new Light Field Weapons (anti-tank guns, light field guns and MRLs) on various different carriage options! Last but not least, two versions (wheeled and tracked) of a very "different" useful little vehicle  - the three-wheeled (or three-treaded) TRI-CARRIER, ideal as a transport vehicle or gun tractor for lower tech forces....

Thanks for reading!

Jon (GZG), 2nd Dec 2019 (updated 21st Dec).


First, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my US customers, may you all have a great day with family and friends and have your fill of turkey and other seasonal comestibles!

Now, just giving everyone a heads-up on the CHRISTMAS SPECIALS for this year - due to various circumstances I'm a little later than usual with getting these announced and launched, but they WILL start in just a very few days - and the latest batch of NEW RELEASES (as first seen a couple of weekends ago at WARFARE) will go up on the store at the same time - so please check back here in a day or two for further news and details.

All the best,

Jon (GZG), Thursday 28th November 2019.

WARFARE SHOW (READING) 16th/17th NOVEMBER! - 10/11/2019

We’re now less than a week away from our final show of the year, WARFARE at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading, held on the 16th and 17th November. Full details of the show are HERE.

Please come along if you can for a great event, with a large number of traders (we’re in our usual spot, in the first aisle at the left side of the hall) and a load of demonstration and participation games; we will have good stocks of the usual ranges that we carry to the shows (the SG and MG15mm, plus the major FT fleets), plus some more NEW releases - see them (and buy them!) at the show before they go up on the webstore!

As normal on the run-up to a show, I will be very busy this coming week with preparations and stock production, so I’m afraid there may be some delays on mailorders - any that I can’t get dispatched before the show will go out as soon as possible after it.

This will be your last chance to see us, have a chat and buy stuff from the tradestand this year. We hope to see lots of regular faces at the show, and maybe some new ones too!

SHOW NEWS - SELWG 2019, 20th OCTOBER - 13/10/2019

Just one week to go now until the SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) show at Crystal Palace Sports Centre in South London - the event is on SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER and we will be there in our usual spot, on the main upper concourse just as you enter the show!

You can find further info and venue details here: SELWG 2019

As we had to miss COLOURS last month due to various circumstances, this will be out first chance to see and talk to customers since SALUTE - hopefully many of you who had planned to see us in Newbury will be able to make it to Crystal Palace instead.


I've been working very hard on making plenty of stock over the last few weeks in readiness for next weekend, and of course this coming week will be even busier, so there may be some delays to mail-orders going out (especially those containing items that I won't be casting for show stock, such as the 25mm and 6mm ranges) - any that I can't dispatch this week will get top priority as soon as I'm back from the show - thanks in advance for your patience.


Hope to see lots of familiar and new faces next Sunday!


Jon (GZG), Sunday 13th October 2019.

More New Israeli Releases! - 23/09/2019

EIGHT new packs of 15mm New Israeli forces now up on the store - for the Hardsuit Assault troops we have a pack with pistols and carbines, a pack of medics and wounded, a pack of "down" casualties plus THREE more Heavy Weapon packs: Missile systems, Plasma Cannons and Rail Mortars. In addition, a pack of all-new-design GRAV BIKES and a pack of "GOLEM" Power Armour suits! This new batch of releases pretty much completes the full range of the new-sculpt NI figures for the time being. You can find all the new packs in the NI range listing here.

UPDATED SKIN - 30/08/2019

FURTHER UPDATE 29/08/2019 - New skin has been applied to the store, two issues I have seen so far

  • First one I will blame on Jon's Apple MAC for :) some of the item descriptions have hard code in them to set the colour to black which means they cannot be seen on the new skin unless you select them, CTRL A, is the quickest way to see if the text is hidden, I think I have got most of them but if you see any more please drop me an email.
  • Second one is that the category menu does not seem to be displaying properly for some devices like tablets - this is being looked into, but if you cannot see the menu on the left please alter the skin to MICAN black till this is fixed.

Thanks, Paul

STORE UPDATES - 28/08/2019


It looks like the problems mentioned in yesterday's update below have been sorted and at the moment everything is working well - but please note that I (Jon) will be AWAY for four days this week, Thursday 29th - Sunday 1st; I won't have email access while away, so any messages to me will not get dealt with until the 2nd September; while I'm away, Paul (my web admin chap) may be doing some further upgrades to the website, possibly including a totally new "skin" for the store - so if everything suddenly changes to a completely different look over the next day or two, then in the immortal words of Lance-Corporal Jones: "DON'T PANIC!" ...It will still be basically the same store system underneath the new look.

If anyone has any immediate problems with the new version, or finds anything that doesn't work, please contact Paul directly via the email link in the Contact section - if you email me instead, then I won't see it till Sunday night so no-one will be able to act on it....

Please note that this ONLY applies to messages or problems about the actual functioning of the website and store - for anything to do with specific orders or product enquiries, please do still send those to me (Jon) and I'll deal with them as soon as possible after I'm back; Paul will not be able to deal with any questions like that.

Thanks for reading, I will be posting more info after the coming weekend.

Jon (GZG), Weds 28th August 2019.



Since an upgrade to the store software version a couple of days ago we seem to be having some hassles - my apologies if part or all of the store is not working properly, it will hopefully be fixed shortly - if you're having problems accessing anything other than this homepage, please try again later!




I wanted to let everyone know about this as quickly as possible after the decision had been made and the show organisers informed - sadly, we will now NOT BE AT COLOURS (NEWBURY) THIS YEAR....

I have been all booked and ready for it, but a combination of circumstances and events beyond my control have made it impossible for me to attend this year, which is a big disappointment - I really hate having to cancel attending any show, and letting down both the attendees who expect to see us there and the show organisers who put a lot of work into the event.

All being well, we WILL be back at the show in 2020 - and this year we will still be at SELWG (Crystal Palace, London) on the 20th October and WARFARE (Reading) on the 16/17th November - so I hope that most of the people who were hoping to see us at Newbury will be able to make it to either Crystal Palace or Reading.

The good news is that I will now have a little bit more time to get some more new releases ready, so there should be more new stuff out for SELWG and WARFARE than there might otherwise have been!

Thanks for reading,

Jon (GZG), Tuesday 13th August 2019.

All previous news items can be found in the ARCHIVE area, this contains articles from as far back as 2016, the latest news item will be displayed on the front page and then moved to the new NEWS area when further articles are published.



At long last, the six new packs of MOONGRUNT figures (a second Rifle pack, a Support Laser pack and a Rocket Launcher pack for each of the US Marines and Chinese forces) AND the two XAR (Chitters) Heavy Weapons Teams are all now uploaded to the store and available to mailorder! You can find them via the "featured new items" at the foot of this page, or by going to the relevant parts of the 15mm Stargrunt listings in the main menu at top left.

Sorry they have taken a while to be put up, I wanted to get all the mailorders back up to date before I released them.

Jon (GZG) 29th April 2016.