Product Information

Japanese corporate troops infantry pack - contains 30+ assorted figures including support weapons, more than enough to make a full platoon. NOTE: 6mm infantry packs now DO NOT include element bases - if you need the cast metal bases, please order sufficient DSM126 packs.

NOTE: For some time now, we have been supplying considerably greater numbers of castings in the 6mm infantry packs, without changing the prices. As of Oct. 23, we have increased the pack price to a more realistic level, but now specify that there will be APPROXIMATELY FIFTY figures (at a minimum) in each pack, and in most cases a number of extras as well; please be aware that there will often be a few miscast and not-fully-formed castings in the packs, simply because it is easier for us to put in some extras to make up the numbers than to weed out every single miscast - especially when they are in the middle of a string of castings! Regardless of this, you should always find approximately fifty good castings in every pack.

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