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UNSC/H Grav Jump Packs to fit Marine Hardsuits - 24 backpacks     

Note: the SG15-UX pack contains 24 individual grav-packs, designed to fit any of the Marine Hardsuit figures in packs U10-U13; each UX pack will therefore be enough to equip 3 packs of Hardsuit figures. In MOST cases the Grav-pack will simply glue on over the small cast-on backpack of the hardsuit - it has been designed to be a very quick and simple fit with a drop of superglue, and most figure poses will require no cutting, filing or other work to fit the grav-packs. There may be just a few cases where a little filing and fitting of the pack or the suit is required to make it sit correctly on the figure, depending on the pose of the arms and shoulders and the weapon that the figure is carrying, but we have tried to keep this to an absolute minimum. PLEASE NOTE that the picture shows examples of the grav packs fitted to several UNSC/H figures - the UX pack does NOT contain the figures themselves

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