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DARGHAUR "ten" pack one - 10 figures (plus sprues of separate heads).

The Darghaur are the first race of alien figures specifically designed for the Tomorrow's War background, and will be fully detailed in Ambush Alley Games' forthcoming TW supplement book, "Dagger and Claw".  The "Dargs" are large creatures standing taller than as a human even in their stooped-over pose; they are heavily protected by the natural armour of their heavy turtle-like carapaces, and favour large-calibre projectile weaponry. The Dargs have no visible external sensory organs at all, communicating telepathically between themselves and gaining their sensory information input through a form of perception not yet understood by human observers.

Darghaur "rank" is denoted by the antler-like racks that the creatures sport - the lowest troopers have theirs cut down to stumps, while successively higher ranks are allowed to grow larger and more impressive sets.

This pack contains TEN figures, representing the basic Darg squad organisation - nine warriors organised in three "triples" - fireteams of three - plus a "tensleader". The pack contains 12 heads with different degrees of antler racks, to allow you to organise basic units and higher-level groups as required. Seven of the figures in the pack have the basic Darg infantry rifle, two have heavy-calibre grenade launchers which provide both antipersonnel and anti-armour capability, and one carries an extended-barrel rapid-fire weapon with large hopper magazine which serves the role of a SAW.

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