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SG15-K15    Kra'Vak Special Weapons (Adult Male Warriors) in HELMETS/FACEMASKS, two poses with "Long Rifle" heavy K-guns, two poses with 3-cell missile projectors - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 sculpts.


Please note that the figures in this pack (and all other new K codes from K10 onwards) are totally new sculpts of our Kra'Vak aliens, and are slightly larger (and with different weapon designs) than our original K01, K02, K03 and K05 packs. The new versions are intended to represent the fully-developed adult male stage of the K'V life cycle - for any of you who wish to continue using the earlier figure codes along with the new ones, we would suggest that the original packs represent the "juvenile" stage of the Warriors, with a slightly smaller stature!

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