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SG15-V20        Civilian/Industrial Powered Work Suits - 6 bodies (3 each of 2 poses) plus 9 sets of arms - three standard manipulator sets, three cargo handling grab sets, three sets with plasma cutter and power unit.


A set of Civilian Power Suits, personal exoskeleton rigs of a similar size to our military Power Armours but designed for heavy industrial work, cargo loading and similar duties - each pack has SIX suit bodies (3 each of 2 variant poses) plus NINE sets of arms, to give you plenty of variety in how you choose to assemble them; you get three sets each of standard manipulator arms, cargo-handling grabs, and work arms with plasma cutter in right hand and a portable power unit in the left. The suits have full enclosed helmets, and could also be used for EVA repair duties or as robotic work units. 

Product Code: SG15-V20


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