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At present, all prices on the store are displayed INCLUSIVE OF VAT - we don't currently have the option to display the ex-VAT prices for non-EU customers, though we hope this will return as soon as we can sort it out; in the meantime, all non-EU customers please rest assured that the VAT will be deducted for you at the checkout stage, and the ex-VAT subtotal will be displayed at that point on all orders.


Some IMPORTANT NEWS on the FULL THRUST ranges: for a while now I’ve been planning some major upgrades to the FIGHTER miniatures in several of the major FT fleets - I will be replacing many of the current fighter packs with all-new designs, using the latest 3D-printed masters in the same style as the recent new Kra’Vak minis. I will be announcing the availability of the new fighter designs in due course, any orders placed UNTIL I announce the new versions will be filled with the current minis.

When the new-design types are in full production I will be removing the old versions from the store to avoid confusion, though they WILL remain available as special-order requests (time permitting) for anyone who wants to complete existing forces of them.




In July 2020 the postal costs for certain sizes of items sent to the US suddenly increased enormously, and I had to instigate new shipping charge rates for all US orders to ensure that the costs were covered; since then I have got a better feel for the way the new cost structure works, and MOST smaller orders can be shipped by the cheaper “Large Letter” rates as long as they are below 750g. Wherever possible, I am using parcel courier services (FedEx or others) for any larger orders.

If you are a US customer, when you place a smallish order the shipping charge added by the store may look excessive at first - but this is only to ensure that all eventualities are covered; in the vast majority of cases I will be able to REFUND a significant part of the charge after completion of the order, so that the final amount you pay will be much more reasonable; the very few exceptions will be orders which are very heavy for their value, for example an order containing nothing but 15mm vehicles or larger Starships with no smaller items to balance the cost-to-weight ratio.
Larger orders (usually those of around 50-60 GBP value and above) will usually be shipped by parcel courier rather than via the postal services.

So, please don't panic about the initial size of the shipping cost on smaller US orders, you will almost always get part of it refunded; feel free to email me (Jon) and ask for further information.

If you’re not in the USA, then none of the changes affect you - shipping to all other destinations (including Canada) is currently unchanged.




Well, here we are in “Lockdown 2 - The Sequel”, and here’s a VERY long overdue update on what’s been going on for the last couple of months.
It's mostly been business as usual… orders have been coming in, packets have been going out, and apart from that I really don’t know where the time has disappeared to!

Not a great deal has changed with the new lockdown, and hopefully the only thing you might notice from me is that some orders may take an extra day or two to go out, as I will be trying to reduce my trips to the Post Office to just two or three times a week rather than going every day.

While we’re all missing the Autumn shows, at least not having to prepare for them has meant a bit of extra time to work on new items.
Over recent weeks I have had a LOT of new stuff designed, sculpted/printed and got it all into master-moulds, so I have an absolute shed-load of new product codes to come as soon as I can get the production moulds made for them all - which is what I’m working on right now…

I will be running some Christmas Specials again this year, and the plan at the moment is to start them on the 21st November - all the new releases that I can get into moulds before then will be launched at the same time, so please check back here shortly for more news - I may do a little pre-release teaser or two so you have some idea of what is coming!

Thanks to all of you who have kept ordering during this difficult year, it’s seen me through it so far and I’m very grateful to everyone - stay safe, keep well, and hang in there, it’ll all be over eventually….

Best regards, thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), 9th November 2020.


UPDATE - WEDNESDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2020 (Edited 22nd Nov):
The 2020 Christmas Specials are NOW RUNNING, until MIDNIGHT (24:00) UK time on MONDAY 21st DECEMBER. The GZG Christmas offers have proved extremely popular over many years now, so this year I'm keeping to a similar format - the only real change this time round is that due to the weird things that happened to some international shipping costs this year,  in order to be as fair as possible to all customers across the World I am going back to using the SUBTOTAL VALUE of your order as the “qualifying” value for the thresholds of the offers. This is the value that is shown as the “SUBTOTAL” at the checkout stage, which is the cost of the items you have ordered EXCLUDING both VAT (where applicable) and SHIPPING. *

ALL ORDERS WITH A SUBTOTAL VALUE (actual cost of goods EXCLUDING SHIPPING AND VAT) of £30 (30 GBP) or more will qualify for both parts of the special Xmas deals: *

1) All qualifying orders will get a FREE CHRISTMAS GOODIE BAG of extra minis and stuff - I'll choose most of the contents to fit the kind of items you are ordering (plus maybe the occasional sample that might tempt you into other ranges and scales...). What goes in the bag is MY choice, so no being cheeky and asking for specific items please - but those of you who have had the previous Xmas freebies over the years will know that you get a generous selection of stuff that you can actually use for your armies/fleets - and usually much more value than you'd get if I just ran a simple discount offer.
Sometimes I may put in the odd special or unreleased item too, so you never know what you might get… that's part of the fun of a gift!

2) In addition to the Free Stuff with your order, all qualifying customers will also get a NEW YEAR VOUCHER that you can use to get a DISCOUNT off a further order placed after Christmas - so you can get all your pre-Xmas stuff AND free goodies now, and then use the voucher in January to spend your Christmas gift money from all those relatives who have absolutely NO idea what to buy for you…

This year, the vouchers will be valid from 4th-31st of JANUARY 2021 - so the voucher codes will become "live" on the store when I re-open on Monday the 4th of January 2021, and any un-used ones will expire at Midnight (UK time) on Sunday the 31st January 2021.

The value of the New Year discount voucher you will receive varies according to the size of your pre-Xmas order - if your SUBTOTAL order value is from 30.00 GBP to 79.99 GBP then you'll get a voucher for a 10% discount; a SUBTOTAL order value from 80.00 GBP to 119.99 GBP will get you a voucher for a 15% discount and any order with a SUBTOTAL order value of 120.00 GBP OR MORE will get a whopping 20% discount voucher!

Each voucher will carry a unique code number for a one-time online use, of course - as usual, I will post the full instructions for redeeming the vouchers on the store before they become live at the start of January.

* Edit: just to clarify and avoid any confusion, if you're looking at the VAT-INCLUSIVE prices of goods, you'll need to have £36 worth of items in your basket to qualify for the Xmas offers - and the thresholds for the 10%, 15% and 20% discount vouchers will be £36, £96 and £144 respectively at the VAT-inclusive prices, in order to hit the ex-VAT subtotal amounts required.


Christmas 2020 dispatch times and ordering dates, and Christmas/New Year break:
Throughout the pre-Christmas period I will be trying to keep as much up to date with order dispatches as possible - but please understand that things may get VERY busy and some orders may well take several days longer than normal to be shipped out, especially in cases where I have to cast a lot of items up rather than picking them from stock. If there are going to be any serious delays then I will try to let you know wherever possible.
Orders for the older “legacy” ranges, including the 6mm and most of the 25mm products, will almost always take longer to produce than orders for 15mm and FT products.

Obviously we are all at the mercy of the postal services as to delivery times - but I would strongly recommend that international orders (especially for the further destinations - Australia, NZ etc) are placed no later than the beginning of December if you want any real hope of them arriving before Christmas. With larger orders I will be shipping many of them via parcel courier (FedEx etc) where practical, rather than by airmail post; the couriers are faster and with much better online tracking.

I will continue to dispatch orders up to TUESDAY the 22nd of December - after that date I will be CLOSED for the Christmas/New Year break, re-opening on MONDAY the 4th of January 2021. The online webstore will remain open throughout the Christmas period so you can still place orders if you want to, but no orders placed after the 22nd Dec will be processed and dispatched until after the 4th of January.

Thanks to you all for your support and your valued custom throughout 2020 - it’s been a strange year for everybody, and a difficult one for many, but I hope you’ve all stayed safe and well - let’s all look towards a better 2021.
Wishing you all a good Christmas (or whichever other festival you choose to celebrate around this time of year) and a safe and healthy New Year!
All the best,
Jon (GZG),  18th Nov 2020.


As promised, the first BIG batch of new releases is now on the store and fully available - more details in the News Post below…..

Jon (GZG), 22nd Nov 2020.


The Christmas rush is now in full swing and things are getting a bit busy… I’m processing orders as quickly as possible but I’m currently running several days behind due to the volume of orders being placed - some may take a week or more for me to cast and pack, so please allow a bit more time than usual.

Hope you are all keeping well, and wishing everyone a happy and safe (if slightly restricted) Christmas!

Jon (GZG), 3rd Dec 2020.





Site News

AVAILABLE NOW: TWENTY-THREE DIFFERENT NEW PACKS of 15mm SG figures, including TEN packs of Colonial Militia (LMGs, squad support weapons, Command, artillery crew plus FIVE different types of Medium and Heavy support weapon teams!), SIX packs of Mercs/Generics in BERETS, five more packs of Mercs/Generics in the open-faced Type 2 helmets, and the first two packs of Mercs/Generics in Field caps!

The Colonial Militia packs (SG15-Cxx codes) add to the two initial Rifle-armed packs from the last release batch (SG15-C41 and C42) - you can find them all in the Colonial Militia listings HERE, or by clicking on the individual new item pics below.

The Mercs/Generics (SG15-Mxx codes) are a further expansion of this very popular range, offering a wide variety of different infantry and support packs in various types of headgear - you can either use each type as a separate force, or mix-and-match from them all to create units with an individualised and “irregular” look to them. Again, click on each New Item featured below OR go straight to the complete range HERE.


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