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Some IMPORTANT NEWS on the FULL THRUST ranges: for a while now I’ve been planning some major upgrades to the FIGHTER miniatures in several of the major FT fleets - I will be replacing many of the current fighter packs with all-new designs, using the latest 3D-printed masters in the same style as the recent new Kra’Vak minis. I will be announcing the availability of the new fighter designs in due course, any orders placed UNTIL I announce the new versions will be filled with the current minis.

When the new-design types are in full production I will be removing the old versions from the store to avoid confusion, though they WILL remain available as special-order requests (time permitting) for anyone who wants to complete existing forces of them.





Site News

It has been a busy month since the last news post, with most of February being taken up with getting orders out and now re-filling all the stock ready for the start of the show season!

The first show of 2020, HAMMERHEAD at Newark Show Ground is now only just over a couple of weeks away, on Saturday the 14th March, and we will be there with as much stock as I can fit into the van. It is a particularly good show with an excellent mix of games and traders at a great venue, so if you can make it along it will be very worthwhile and an excellent day out.
It is also the furthest North that we get for a show these days, now that Sheffield Triples is no more, so this is the one chance for our more Northerly customers to get to see us without travelling all the way down to London.
Just a reminder (and as info to anyone who hasn’t seen us at a show before) that I mainly bring the 15mm ranges (SG15, MG15 and V15 codes) and the major lines of FT starships to the shows - I do NOT bring any stocks of the 6mm, 25mm and 2mm ranges, or some of the “minor” FT fleets, as I simply don’t have space on the trade stand to display them or room in the van to carry the stock!
Between now and the show, I will be doing my best to keep up with mail order dispatches while I’m  doing all the stock production, but please bear in mind that this inevitably means that some orders WILL take longer than normal to process - I can’t promise the sort of next-day turnaround that I try to keep to in the less busy times; orders for items that I’m not making as show stock (as mentioned above, the 6mm, 25mm, 2mm and some parts of the FT ranges) will take significantly longer as I have to cast all those items to order, and therefore have to fit them in to my stock casting schedule as and when I can. Particularly, there has been a small surge of 6mm orders in the last few days which I will have to make the time to do, so if you’ve placed an order like that in the last week then please bear with me, I will get to it as fast as I can.
Thanks for reading, more news soon and I hope to see plenty of familiar and new faces at Newark in a couple of weeks!
Jon (GZG), 26th Feb 2020.


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