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At present, all prices on the store are displayed INCLUSIVE OF VAT - we don't currently have the option to display the ex-VAT prices for non-EU customers, though we hope this will return as soon as we can sort it out; in the meantime, all non-EU customers please rest assured that the VAT will be deducted for you at the checkout stage, and the ex-VAT subtotal will be displayed at that point on all orders.


Some IMPORTANT NEWS on the FULL THRUST ranges: for a while now I’ve been planning some major upgrades to the FIGHTER miniatures in several of the major FT fleets - I will be replacing many of the current fighter packs with all-new designs, using the latest 3D-printed masters in the same style as the recent new Kra’Vak minis. I will be announcing the availability of the new fighter designs in due course, any orders placed UNTIL I announce the new versions will be filled with the current minis.

When the new-design types are in full production I will be removing the old versions from the store to avoid confusion, though they WILL remain available as special-order requests (time permitting) for anyone who wants to complete existing forces of them.




1/7/20: IMPORTANT - SHIPPING TO USA, all US customers please read!

As of today (Wednesday 1st July), there has been a very large increase in the prices that the USPS charges for some package deliveries, and therefore the prices that I am charged by Royal Mail have also increased significantly. These changes (which are, of course, completely outside my control) are very complicated, and affect certain services and weights of packets much more than others - I need some time to work out all the ramifications of the changes, and to figure out a charging structure that is fair to everyone, but in the meantime I have had to put in place an emergency rate that I hope will cover most cases.

THIS MEANS THAT MANY USA ORDERS, ESPECIALLY SMALLER ONES, WILL SHOW A MUCH INCREASED SHIPPING CHARGE AT THE MOMENT - BUT if the actual cost of shipping and packing works out to be lower then I will REFUND any significant excess via Paypal after the packet is shipped, as I already do for larger orders.

These cost changes will most likely mean that more US orders will become more economical to ship via FedEx than by normal post, so I expect to be using FedEx shipping much more, especially on medium to large orders - this does have the advantage of being very much faster and more efficient.

I will post more info here as and when I work out more of the details of the new charge rates - in the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to email me (Jon) via the "contact" section.

Thanks for reading,

Jon (GZG, Weds 1st July 2020.


26/7/20: UPDATE:

Now that almost a month has gone by since the big US postal cost increases, I thought that I had better update everyone on the situation; I've been trialling some new ultra-flat packing boxes that are within the dimensions for the "Large Letter" rates, which are much cheaper than the new Packet rates to the US. I will be able to use this packaging for many small to medium US orders, and where I can do so the shipping rates will be much more reasonable. For the moment I am going to leave the store rates set as they are, but in MOST cases I will be able to REFUND a significant proportion of the charges on smaller orders, while larger ones will be shipped by FedEx or similar courier. I will update the information when I can, but for the moment please don't panic about the size of the shipping cost on smaller US orders - feel free to email and ask if want any further information.



Site News


SIX more packs of the NEW ISRAELI (NI) REGULAR ARMY troops, following on from the first five packs released a couple of weeks ago; this new batch completes all the essential elements of the NI Army force, with Command, Comms, Special Weapons and three more packs of Heavy Support Weapons.

SG15-Z64     NI Regular Army Infantry - Squad Special Weapons - Sniper Rifles and Grenade Launchers (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-Z66     NI Regular Army Infantry - Leaders and Command, with pistols and carbines (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-Z67     NI Regular Army Infantry - Comms and Observers, with datapads and sensor binocs (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-Z69     NI Regular Army Infantry - Plasma Cannon Heavy Weapons Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and extra ammo cans)

SG15-Z70     NI Regular Army Infantry - Rail Mortar Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and extra ammo cases)

SG15-Z71     NI Regular Army Infantry - Heavy Missile System Teams (2 weapon teams, each with 2 crew and missile reload canisters)


All packs AVAILABLE NOW, all priced at £3.00 inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT)


Also, we have the first two pack releases of the new-sculpt COLONIAL MILITIA figures:

These are ALL-NEW SCULPTS that replace and expand on our original SG15-C01 and C05 packs (please note that while it is possible to mix figures from the two old packs with the new range for extra variety, the old ones will look a little bit short and/or “chunky” compared with the new versions - but then again, these are supposed to be armed civilian militia so maybe a bit more variation of height and build is acceptable in this case…?).
The Colonial Militia are the civilian/reservist support troops for the better-equipped Colonial Defence Forces (CDF, packs SG15-C10 onwards); the Militia are equipped as very basic light infantry, in fatigue trousers and shirts with rolled-up sleeves, with simple light webbing for a few pouches of ammo and supplies. They are wearing soft field caps, and carry weaponry from the same design family as the CDF - though their primary infantry small arm is the short assault carbine rather than the larger standard CDF battle rifle.


AVAILABLE NOW, all priced at £3.00 inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT)

SG15-C41    Colonial Militia with assault carbines - Male troopers (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-C42    Colonial Militia with assault carbines - Female troopers (8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses)

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