Please note that packs J10 onwards are the NEW-SCULPT Japanese Corporate Ashigaru. These all-new figures are in the same uniform style as our original J01, J02 and J05 packs, but are greatly improved in terms of weapons, fine detail and pose.
Taking their name from the foot soldiers raised by feudal lords in ancient Japan, the Corporate Ashigaru are "Company Troops" funded by the huge Megacorps that effectively control most of the Japanese economy and almost all of its off-world colonies.
The range contains a mix of male and female infantry in light combat armour, and includes helmeted figures plus some bareheaded poses with traditional headbands.

The original J01, J02 and J05 packs still listed here may be mixed in with the new packs for some extra variety if you wish, but please remember that they are much older and "chunkier" figures!

  • SG15-J05

    Japanese troops, kneeling and prone (8 figures)