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Things are now getting very busy with orders large and small (a combination of the new releases and folks redeeming their Discount Codes) - I'm working through them as fast as I can, but inevitably many orders are going to take longer than usual to be cast, packed and dispatched. Please allow some extra time for your order to be completed, especially if it's a particularly large one. Orders for the older ranges (25mm and 6mm particularly) may take longer still, as I often have to set aside a particular day to tackle a group of those. If I can fit the odd small or simple order in between the more complex ones and get it in the post quickly, I will be doing so of course.

Things will most likely get even busier towards the end of this month, and it will then be well into March before I'm fully caught up again - so thanks in advance for your understanding and patience!

Jon (GZG), Monday 19th February 2024



I've just finished uploading all the NEW ITEMS - they are all in the LATEST PRODUCTS pics below...

There are SIX new packs for the 15mm CRUSTIES (the "Crustacean" aliens) - all of Heavy Support Weapons teams, two teams per pack; the Arc Cannon and Mortars packs are direct replacements for the original equivalents (old packs SG15-X12 and X13) with new and improved 3D-designed weapons, but the other four are ALL-NEW types (Plasma Cannon, Auto Grenade Launchers, AA/AT Missile Systems and 8-round Multi Missile Launchers). Please note that the whole of the Crusties range has now been given NEW CODE REFERENCES as SG15-CRxx packs, rather than the old SG15-Xxx codes that they previously had.

There is ONE new code for the Desert Tribal Irregulars (SG15-DTxx range), pack DT05 consisting of Command and Comms figures in a selection of headgear, clothing and equipment - there will be more DT range packs coming soon, but they won't be ready until the next batch of releases in March or April.

Also in 15mm, but equally useful for a variety of other scales, are FOUR variant packs of AI Drone Mini-Hovertanks; sold in packs of two vehicles, these use the same small hover chassis as the MAWP units but now fitted with turretted weapons systems - great for sentry units and infantry support tasks, these will work for pretty much any scale from 28mm down to 6mm!

Finally for now, the first new FULL THRUST releases in far too long... some lovely little Gunboats and Missile boats for the NAC, NSL and UNSC fleets, all cast from 3D masters created by "MMG"! Each pack contains THREE craft plus one stand with a clear acrylic three-arm support, to mount the boats as a single attack group, but if you prefer then they can be based as single minis by ordering a couple of extra black plastic stands per pack. For those of you who collect other FT fleets, there will be similar releases coming soon for all the other major and several of the minor FT forces; there will also be ALL-NEW FIGHTERS coming for most of the fleets in due course, in matching styles to the new boats!

Jon (GZG), Saturday 10th February 2024 (edited Sunday 11th)


NEWS UPDATE, 30th January...

It hardly seems possible that January is already almost over... at this rate, it'll soon be Christmas again! Anyway, a few bits of news to announce this time:

GERMY's 2mm SCIFI (all "GMM" codes): this quirky little range of ultra-micro-miniatures, which we've been producing for many years now, will very shortly be REMOVED from the webstore. Don't worry, it isn't disappearing completely; the range is reverting to its original designer, Jeremey ("Germy") who is going to be setting up his own miniatures business, using the 2mm SF range as a core to build upon. I will be deleting the range from the webstore on the 15th FEBRUARY, so if any of you want a last chance to get some from here then you have just TWO WEEKS to get your orders in before they disappear, at least for the time being. After the 15th, I won't be able to do any of them even as special orders, because I won't have the moulds any more - so if you want to get some to complete any forces you have been building, get them now! If you want to keep up with news of when they go back into production as part of Jeremey's own ranges, there should shortly be some info on his excellent blog here:

DISCOUNT VOUCHERS: For those of you who have a NEW YEAR DISCOUNT CODE from your pre-Christmas orders, please remember that all the codes go LIVE in just a couple of days' time, on the 1st of February, and you have then got until the end of February to redeem your discount. To use your voucher code, simply place an order in the normal way, and then go to the checkout step; just below your basket contents on the checkout page, you will see a box marked "PROMOTIONAL CODE OR GIFT CARD" - enter your 7-character code in this box, then click "APPLY" - you should then see the relevant discount deducted from the goods total of your order. Sorry that it won't take any discount off the shipping, I'm afraid the minis don't get magically lighter or cheaper to post when discounted!

When you type in your code, please be careful to differentiate between letters and numerals, especially between "I" and "1", or "O" and "0" - the code format is THREE DIGITS, TWO LETTERS (Upper Case) and TWO DIGITS, all with no spaces. If your code doesn't seem to work, OR if you apply it to an order and then change your mind and want to alter the order, then please contact me (Jon) immediately by email and I will be able to sort it out for you and re-set the code for another try if necessary. The codes are good for ONE USE ONLY, and the store system will consider a code "used" as soon as it is applied, even if that order is then not completed. If the expected discount is NOT showing up as having been deducted, then please DON'T proceed to complete and pay for the order, but contact me to sort the problem out.

Finally for this update - I am hoping to actually have some NEW RELEASES to announce in the next few days! I can't really believe it has been so long since the last batch, all I can say is that a lot of Real Life stuff has got in the way over the last couple of years - but at last things seem to be settling down enough that I am finally returning to getting some new product out there; please check back here for some more info in a few days' time!

Take care, stay well, and I hope that 2024 is treating you all OK so far...

Jon (GZG), 30th January 2024


A quick note: a few folks seem to be having problems with not receiving emails I'm trying to send them (though I think this is a couple of isolated cases rather than the problem with gmail addresses that I encountered last year) - so if you've been trying to get in contact but haven't had any response, please check that your ISP isn't blocking my address for some reason?

VAT DE-REGISTRATION: Please note that as of the end of September 2023, we are no longer registered for VAT - so for all customers, UK and everywhere else, the price shown on the store will be the price you pay for any item.


This doesn’t really affect very much, as (like most of us) I very seldom get any communications sent by normal post anymore - but please note that if you DO need to send anything to GZG by mail, I have now DISCONTINUED the use of the PO BOX address - mainly because I was paying Royal Mail a lot for a service that received less than a dozen letters a year…
Any items sent by post should be addressed to:

This address should be used for POSTAL CORRESPONDENCE ONLY, it is a private house address and NOT a business unit or retail premises.




I have just (as of 30th Jan '24) made some experimental changes to some of the shipping/postal rates, particularly for US customers, which will hopefully better reflect the actual costs incurred (and thus reduce the need for after-shipping refunds of over-estimated shipping costs); it may take a little while to see how these changes work out, in the meantime please rest assured that any significant excess will still be refunded as explained below!


In July 2020 the postal costs for certain sizes of items sent to the US suddenly increased enormously, and I had to instigate new shipping charge rates for all US orders to ensure that the costs were covered; since then I have got a better feel for the way the new cost structure works, and MOST smaller orders can be shipped by the cheaper “Large Letter” rates as long as they are below 750g. Wherever possible, I am using parcel courier services (FedEx or others) for any larger orders.

If you are a US customer, when you place a smallish order the shipping charge added by the store may look excessive at first - but this is only to ensure that all eventualities are covered; in the vast majority of cases I will be able to REFUND a significant part of the charge after completion of the order, so that the final amount you pay will be much more reasonable; the very few exceptions will be orders which are very heavy for their value, for example an order containing nothing but 15mm vehicles or larger Starships with no smaller items to balance the cost-to-weight ratio.
Larger orders (usually those of around 50-60 GBP value and above) will usually be shipped by parcel courier rather than via the postal services.

So, please don't panic about the initial size of the shipping cost on smaller US orders, you will almost always get part of it refunded; feel free to email me (Jon) and ask for further information.

If you’re not in the USA, then none of the changes affect you - shipping to all other destinations (including Canada) is currently unchanged.


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