Model availability

Stock and Availability:

All items shown on the online store are currently in production and available, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Because we make all our metal cast products in-house, they are never "out of stock" as such - if we run out, we simply make more. However there may be times, especially during particularly hectic periods, where we are too busy to cast further stock immediately and therefore orders may be held up by a few days until we can do so.

Old and Deleted Products:

Over the 25+ years that GZG has been trading, we have had many ranges and items that have come and gone. Items which we previously produced, but which are NOT currently shown in the online store, are not currently in production. They may have been deleted for a number of reasons, though the most common is where moulds have worn out and are either awaiting remaking (in which case the item(s) will return to full production eventually) or will not be remade because projected sales figures do not make it worthwhile (in this case the items will simply remain out of production). However, this does not necessarily mean that all deleted items and ranges are completely unavailable - sometimes there is enough life left in a mould that we can spin up a few items to special order, even if the castings are not what we would consider to be first-class quality. Should you be in need of a few items to complete a collection, please contact me (Jon) by email in the first instance - if I can produce what you need, I can quote you a price. All such special order items are sold strictly on the clear understanding that in most cases they are from old and worn moulds, and thus may well require additional cleanup time and effort compared with current production items. Special order castings are also only produced when I have time, so at busy periods I may have to decline or postpone such orders. Please note that not everything that has been deleted over the years is available even to special order - in some cases the moulds have deteriorated to such an extent that it is simply not possible to produce anything useable from them.