NI Infantry Starter Deal

NI Infantry Starter Deal


Product Information

Pack contents: 2 packs SG15-Z06 Riflemen, 2 packs SG15-Z07 Riflemen, 1 pack SG15-Z08 SAW gunners, 1 pack SG15-Z09 Command, 1 pack SG15-Z10 Snipers and GMS, 1 pack SG15-Z12 support weapons, 1 pack SG15-Z11 Gauss MG teams, 1 pack SG15-Z14 Mortar teams, 1 pack SG15-Z13 Plasma Gun teams, 2 packs V15-78A Grav Bikes.

Total of 64 infantry, 6 teams of heavy weapons and crew, 4 grav bikes and riders.


Total value at individual list prices = £42.00 - special pack price just £36.00 inc. VAT (£30.00 ex-VAT for non-EU customers).


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