UNSC/H Hardsuit Marines Starter Deal

UNSC/H Hardsuit Marines Starter Deal


Product Information

UNSC/H Marines in Hardsuits starter deal:

Pack contents:
2 packs SG15-U10 Riflemen,
2 packs SG15-U11 Riflemen,
1 pack SG15-U12 SAW gunners,
1 pack SG15-U13 Support Weapons,
1 pack SG15-U14 Plasma Gun teams,
1 pack SG15-U15 RAM mortar teams,
PLUS sufficient SG15-UX grav jump packs to equip all infantry figures
2 packs V15-92B Grav Bikes,
1 x V15-93B Heavy Plasma Cannon.

Total of 48 Hardsuited infantry figures, 4 teams of heavy weapons and hardsuited crew, enough grav packs for all infantry and HW crews, 4 grav bikes with hardsuited riders, 1 heavy groundmount cannon with hardsuited gunner.

Total value at individual list prices = over £42.00 - special pack price just £36.00 inc. VAT (£30.00 ex-VAT for non-EU customers).

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